Campaign Update



I want you all to know that in recent weeks I suffered a concussion that would normally require just a few weeks to recover. Unfortunately, I then suffered a second head injury last week from falling down my stairs. Now to recover, I must refrain from any unnecessary activity and just focus on resting.

After consulting with my doctors, family, and mentors, I am suspending my campaign for San Diego City Council District 6. This has been a very difficult decision to make, but I feel this is the best course of action because of my circumstance.

I had decided to run as a Progressive Democrat because I believe in doing the hard work of standing up for those that are less fortunate. I have decided to suspend this campaign so that I will be healthy and prepared to take on the next opportunity to do this important work. This will allow our Democratic candidates to have a better opportunity to defeat Chris Cate.

San Diego residents deserve their streets to be repaired, an increase to the affordable housing stock, an end to homelessness, an increase in public transit options, and a follow through in our city’s climate goals. We can and will achieve this and more if we are united.

As a first-time candidate, I was deeply honored by the sheer amount of support, contributions, and endorsements so many of you have given us. I want to especially thank Mustanir Makhdoom, Tazheen Nizam, Mustafa Nizam, Hannah Borie, Tyler Leptich, Shawn Ali, Ken Burger, Mohamed Elnakib, Sheikh Taha Hassane, Oren Robinson, Judy Ki, Mario Mendez, Marilyn Riley, Dr. Jen, Sara Kent, Carol Kim, Sonja Robinson, and many many more.

I also want to thank Planned Parenthood Action Fund of the Pacific Southwest, the Clairemont Democratic Club, The Asian American Pacific Islander Democratic Club, The Democratic Woman's Club of San Diego County, San Diego Democrats for Equality, The Martin Luther King, Jr. Democratic Club, Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 221, Councilmember Mona Rios, Councilmember Alejandra Sotelo-Solis, Councilmember David Arambula, Councilmember Basheer Jones, School Board members Basim Elkarra and Darshana Patel, Senator Josh Newman, SDCCD Trustee Bernie Rhinerson, Abigail Hauslohner, Jorge Ribas and the team at the Washington Post, and to everyone who donated money, time, and encouragement.

I want to close by saying we need everyone to vote in this contested election. Please make sure to vote on June 5th!


Your Brother Fayaz

Ahmad Nawabi